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Capture the flag redux in the box war gameLooking for something new to try out?  Maybe something a bit more adventurous, a bit more interesting, a bit more futuristic?

Take a look at Capture the Flag REDUX.

It’s a reinvention of a classic game intended for today’s generation.  Using specialty LED lights, all game elements are transformed into something that feels less like a friendly outdoor game and a lot more like a playing field from the movie “Tron.”

Using this gaming kit, glowing “Orbs” replace a bandana or piece of cloth as the “flag.”  Instead of drawing lines in the dirt to create a jail, four blinking lights mark its periphery.  Red “war lights” form the border between territories, and players wear glowing wristbands to identify who is on which team.

So if you’re looking for something unique and futuristic, a safe activity for after sunset, a game that develops teammwork and camaraderie, or just want to find a fresh way to get some physical exercise, check it out: Capture the Flag REDUX.



Best Boards Q1 of 2013The first few months of 2013 were pretty quiet around the forum.  There might not have been as many awesome boards as we usually have, but there were definitely a few worth sharing.  Our 6 best boards from January, February, and March of 2013 represent a pretty solid mix of what’s happening in the world of cornhole board building.

We’ve got a few full board decals, a couple that are hand painted, and a couple that show off some of the more creative things you can do when building boards.

Our “Best 6” are pulled from the Gallery section of the Cornhole Game Players forum. Boards are selected based on creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and photo quality. If you’d like to be included in future Best Boards events, all you have to do is share your boards in the CGP Forum Gallery. We also post all of the best boards on our Cornhole Facebook and Cornhole G+ pages.

How do we pick boards? More than anything, the boards should stand out from the crowd.  Awesome design, skilled craftsmanship, awesome paint job, ultra shiny poly, or maybe unusual features.  It’s all based on a picture, so the photo should be taken in a way that makes the boards look awesome.  Showing them as a pair is also important.  With thousands of boards posted over the last few years, it gets harder and harder to find unique designs, and things that are really unique, but we always do!

Best Cornhole boards

View bigger versions of these boards on our Gallery!


Built & Painted Cornhole Boards in less than 6 Minutes? This awesome stop motion video from EASTENN on the Cornhole Game Players forum does just that.

Awesome to get a feel for the whole process, as well as to see some of his Cornhole board building tricks.

If you’d like to read more about this video, check out the forum post at Cornhole Game Players.

Check out the video!


SO, you’ve been wanting the cornhole book for a while. Perhaps you’ve been struggling financially, or maybe you’re just waiting for someone to buy it for you. Whatever the case, here’s your chance.

Derrick Smash (derricksmash.com) and Mark Rogers (author of Cornhole: Throwing Bags in a Hole) have come to an awesome agreement. They have agreed to set an all-time low price record for a brand new paperback of Cornhole: Throwing Bags in a Hole to be sold via derricksmash.com. Not only is the book being sold for the strikingly low price of $12.99 (lowest publicly published price on the internet), but each book sold will have the autograph of the author himself, Mark Rogers!

Click Here to Take Advantage of this special offer! The holidays are coming up – what better way to spruce up your loved one’s cornhole equipment than with the original Cornhole Book! Buy it now!

Here is an example of what your inside cover may look like:

And here’s a photo of the book itself:

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Cornhole Epicenters

My name is Derrick Pugh – I own and [85% of the time] fully operate derricksmash.com. I’m here to talk about my evolved perception of the Sport of Cornhole and provide my simple idea of what will ‘save’ the sport.

When I accidentally got into this industry of Cornhole building about 6 years ago, I had one mission: to build so many cornhole sets that no other builder in the country was able to compete. Big dreaming, huh? No, that isn’t feasible – with my resources anyways…nor would it be good for the Sport. Spreading the name of derricksmash.com isn’t nearly as effective for business as it would be to simply spread the name of Cornhole first!

Then I started to know the community a lot better. Spent last summer playing in tons of tournaments, met a lot of fellow players, many big names in the game (Randy, Matt, Vanderver, etc) and took an entirely different approach to derricksmash.com’s perception of “self”. A lot of these big players would reminisce of the game, as if it were an ancient sport or something. These people spoke with phrases such as, “remember the good ole’ days of cornhole?”, “…it used to be”, “…the game needs to come back”, etc, etc. All of these people saw something that I didn’t because they were part of it this whole time – you can go so far as to say they triggered the cornhole revolution in the first place.

After having some talks, chats and emails with enough people, I eventually got a mentality of “Wow, I had this all wrong. It’s not all about competition, It’s about community…and sharing moments within said community!”. This one really hit it on the spot:

“…the sport is in a critical stage right now in my opinion…it could blow up and become a staple sport like softball, or it could fizzle out and 10yrs from now we’ll be saying, ‘remember bags?’ (aka cornhole)”
Rudy Rutherford

All I was doing this whole time was selling derricksmash.com products with all intents of saying “F you” to the competition – what I should have been doing was realizing that the products I was selling, like every other builder, was part of a bigger picture – that’s spreading the name of Cornhole. Don’t worry, I now see it that way.

Cornhole’s dieing in the Midwest. That’s the reality right now. Perhaps if I had spent the last 6 years spreading the name of Cornhole instead of hocking off my products, maybe I could have prevented the state we’re in now…maybe if only a tiny bit.

I met some of my competitors, Clinton from Ripped Boards and Chris from Naperville Bags. They are stand-up guys and their companies offer something another doesn’t. I respected Chris when I met him for many reasons. For one, he wasn’t the douche I was expecting him to be with his massive inventory and huge sales reports. I figured he was all about that and nothing more – almost envious of him because I thought he became what I used to want to be. He became that “big boy” in the Cornhole Building industry but he also had something else: being well-known by in the Tournament Side of the Sport – the real community of the sport. I was WOW’d. As for Clinton, I personally feel he used to be the same way I was (screw everyone – my company or no one), but is now on the same side of the field that I am…and I’m glad.

Then I talked to Steve Vanderver on the phone for what seemed to be a few hours! He had just recently created the Cornhole Players Association to help fight the foreseen drop in Cornhole’s Reputation. He was upset, emotional and confused about what happened to his beloved sport in the last couple years. “…annual tournaments that used to draw 90+ teams are now barely able to get enough for a 20 team mini tournament”. He talked to me about how he saw this a long time ago (due to a bigger organization) and when he left that organization, he realized that he had to go back because he was classified as “too good” or “pro” to play in many of the smaller, private [and in my opinion, more fun] tournaments.

I also feel [and hope] I gave him some insight, too – I am not speaking for him in any way. He’s out in the East Midwest, and what he sees is totally different than what I see, being here in Chicago. In Chicago, the sport is still waiting for it’s initial BOOM. We got a little one last summer, but this summer should be bigger. If not, next summer will. And out West, not many people are playing this game at all. I told Steve, “Let’s not only worry about reigniting the spark in the over saturated area of the Midwest you reside in, but remember that out West and probably 80% of the country has probably still never seen the Sport!”.

My buddy’s parents in Surprise, AZ have one of my sets and they say people are going APESH*T over it! I got a few orders out that way because of this and I pretty much shipped them for free just to get some Cornhole boards out that way. Also, there is a cornhole tournament taking place next weekend on USC Campus (University of Southern California) to benefit Relay for Life – they are expecting a huge turnout! Out there, it’s something new and exciting. derricksmash.com has donated $200 in product to this event. USC is way out of the cornhole’s heartland and they are just now starting to see the excitement of cornhole and tournaments like this are sprouting everywhere out there. If you look at the customer map on my website, you’ll see the major lack of my company’s cornhole products East of the Mississippi River. The “centralization” of cornhole is probably why the Midwest is losing it’s flare. A lot of the areas of our country that haven’t yet been exposed to cornhole have one advantage when it comes to the introduction of a new sport – they don’t have a winter. Growth and reputation of cornhole will spread year round – not like the Midwest…where the sport finally gets its spotlight of growth, then is abruptly shot down and throw into hibernation after out our first November snowfall forcing us to start all over again this time each year. Florida, Texas, Mississippi, SoCal, Arizona, New Mexico, etc are all places that haven’t yet been properly introduced to cornhole – but once they are, people will be hooked year round – no downtime. These states occasionally get snow, but it is melted within a day due to 65+ degree days. Once the name of cornhole is spread, the sport won’t die. We need to make sure we prioritize spreading the Sport’s name before it loses it’s name in the small region it exists now – the Midwest.

Basically what I’m saying is don’t give up hope on the sport of cornhole just because your town or state seems to have lost it’s flare – the sport needs to be known nationwide – worldwide – to get a real effect. Trust me, if the sport is dieing in Kentucky, but these same Kentuckians hear that people in San Francisco are now hot on the game, a rivalry will form and those cornhole boards will get dusted off. Rivalry = Sport = Addiction = Awesome. All the places in the country that are “cornhole’d out” are basically ticking time bombs for exploding once again and I think that will come with the increase of Cornhole’s footprint as a nation, not cornhole’s local reputation as it is now. Keep playing folks! Keep your city, state, town or whatever at least a bit involved…because when there are enough little seeds from coast to coast, rivalry forms and everything in the middle will fill itself in. It’s sport – it’s how every sport still exists and survives. It’s how any brand becomes a “brand”.

If there were only four MLB teams in the league, and all of them were in the same geographic region, I assure you MLB would be as cornhole is now…only known locally. MLB and all other “leagues” and “associations” survive because they have a “representative” team in pretty much every major city. If one team is doing bad, so does their representing region’s morale, but the sport in a whole doesn’t struggle to thrive because of all the other teams in the country (ie: Chicago Cubs…haha). Right now the sport of cornhole fills the geographic triangle created by Western Chicago, Nashville and Eastern Ohio – that’s not big enough…especially because “Chicago” was probably pushing it…I really don’t think the spread truly this far yet.

The popularity epicenters of the Sport of Cornhole need to look like this:
Future of Cornhole's Name
(source: www.studybreaks.com)
Cornhole needs enough branding throughout the country’s population spikes. This is the next step and is the only way to ensure the future of cornhole.

So, players, keep playing – Builders, keep building and if someone out West contacts you and wants a cornhole set, make it happen. If you can’t make it happen, refer them to someone who can, instead of just telling the client, “sorry, can’t help you”.

Cliffnotes: Spread the game enough, and it won’t die.

cheers, derricksmash

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Rollors : A Game of Skill and Chance

It’s great when a new game comes along that is both unique and fun. Rollors is just that! Rollors is an all ages game that can be played with 2 to 6 players. Rollors is played with small rounded discs, that are rolled toward one of two cone shaped goals. The discs, or Rollors, are rolled vertically, in a bowling motion, and points are tallied by where a disc lands.

Rollors was developed by Air Force Major Matt Bulter, of Destin, FL. Major Butler dreamed up Rollors while he was an Air Battle Manager in Afghanistan. Now, he’s hiring vets to handcraft the wooden Rollors sets in their free time. He admits that using local services to meet his needs has been more expensive, but worth it. One of the hardwood maple sets takes about two hours to make, and sells for $85.

Matt is currently looking for additional game makers to produce the Rollors game as a way to help build popularity and spread the game to new areas. If you would be interested in making or distributing Rollors games, please contact Matt at 478-501-2003 or send an email to matt@rollors.net

Another way Matt’s been increasing the visibility of the game is by sponsoring Cornhole tournaments. His first official sponsorship is for the 3rd annual Windy City Tournament. Matt’s also open to sharing web links.  If you’re interested, visit the Rollors website.

The biggest thing I’d like people to know is it’s patented unlike many of the other lawn games and w/ it’s high popularity I’ve got more demand vs product and need help making more (if that makes sense).

The Rollors games are extremely well crafted, and are a game that will last for many years. For more on the Rollors game, check out the Rollors website and the Rollors Game Review at Outdoor Game Reviews.


Rollors Official Website
Rollors Game Review


We have a huge promotion running across the Cornhole Players, Washer Players, and Outdoor Game Players sites.  The “Make a Game, Win a Game” promo is a perfect way for people to add a game or two to their outdoor game collection.

Getting registered to win is easy.  First, make one of the games we feature on Outdoor Game Players ( agme).  Second, post a picture of the game you made to our photo gallery.  Third, post a link to your game pix in the official contest thread in the Outdoor Game Players Forum.  That’s it!

At the end of July, we’ll pick three winners from everyone who enters.  Winners may choose one of 5 games from our contest sponsor We Sell Cornhole. Choose from Plain Cornhole Boards, All Weather Cornhole Boards, Hillbilly Golf, Standard Washer Toss, or the NEW YardStax game.

Add a new game to your collection this Summer, and be entered for a chance to win a second game from We Sell Cornhole & the Outdoor Game Players Network!

Click here for full Contest Information.

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outdoor-stickersAn article on WikiHow shows you how to create Outdoor Stickers. People often use vinyl decals on their Cornhole and Washer boards. Buying decals can be expensive. Creating your own stickers can save you money, while giving you a really unique look for your boards. You could create letting for the sides of a board or a large logo for the top of the board. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with! These stickers would be durable, stand up to a bit of moisture, and could even take a slight beating.

Creating your own stickers will require most, if not all of the following:

  • Acrylic varnish
  • Gloss varnish
  • Acrylic inks
  • Markers ( oil-based )
  • Blank sheet of paper, matte finish paper is good
  • Pencil
  • Printer
  • Artist’s pink soap or soap or brush cleaner and restorer
  • Exacto knife or sharp paper scissors
  • Spray adhesive

Check out the full article here:

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