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Capture the flag redux in the box war gameLooking for something new to try out?  Maybe something a bit more adventurous, a bit more interesting, a bit more futuristic?

Take a look at Capture the Flag REDUX.

It’s a reinvention of a classic game intended for today’s generation.  Using specialty LED lights, all game elements are transformed into something that feels less like a friendly outdoor game and a lot more like a playing field from the movie “Tron.”

Using this gaming kit, glowing “Orbs” replace a bandana or piece of cloth as the “flag.”  Instead of drawing lines in the dirt to create a jail, four blinking lights mark its periphery.  Red “war lights” form the border between territories, and players wear glowing wristbands to identify who is on which team.

So if you’re looking for something unique and futuristic, a safe activity for after sunset, a game that develops teammwork and camaraderie, or just want to find a fresh way to get some physical exercise, check it out: Capture the Flag REDUX.



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