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When it comes to casual outdoor games, many of the most popular ones are meant for only a small handful of players. In the right atmosphere, games like Cornhole, Badminton, Ladder Toss, etc. can be a lot of fun – but they’re somewhat limiting in terms of participants at a given time. So naturally, if you have a bigger group looking to play around outside, you need to look for other options.

There are popular choices for team outdoor games as well. Kickball, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, etc. can all incorporate fairly large groups of people. But here are 3 more options you might not always think of for casual outdoor games for teams.Handball1


For some reason, people tend to think of Dodgeball as exclusively an indoor sport. Sure, it helps for the walls in a gym to contain stray balls, but the bottom line is, Dodgeball is one of the most versatile team games in existence. Play with volleyballs, order dodgeballs online, or if you want to get more intense about things, try it with tennis balls. You can set your own boundaries, make up your own tweaks to the rules, and even come up with various ways of making this a drinking game. One idea: every time a player gets knocked out, he or she has to complete a minor drinking challenge in order to re-enter the game. Of course it’s best to take it easy with these kinds of details, but it can add a new dimension to the game.


It’s always surprising how few people play this sport, but it’s actually a pretty big deal. Team Handball is actually an Olympic sport! It’s major in Europe, and you can even publicly bet on matches at Betfair news! This is a sports book online that covers all major sports with various gambling options, and sure enough, Handball is right there. Yet considering all you really need to play the sport is a ball and a few improvised goals, it’s incredibly easy to play in a backyard, the quad at a college, etc.


Let’s get something straight: playing Quidditch – the sport invented in the Harry Potter franchise – is completely ridiculous, and the movement to turn it into an NCAA sport is well beyond insane. Fun fact: people can’t fly on broomsticks, so this sport can’t exist. However, if you feel like taking it lightly and goofing off with some friends, it can’t hurt as a backyard guilty pleasure. You can set up goals pretty much any way you want, find a few different sized balls, and improvise a bit with some of the less realistic details of the game. For example, try giving “beaters” water balloons instead of balls. Consider having someone on the sideline randomly launch a tennis ball into the air now and then to simulate the “snitch.” It’s all ridiculous, but with the right tweaks it can be fun.